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Bhai is a Drama Serial of A-plus Entertainment in which Nauman Ijaz is playing leading roll of Ashraf. Bhai has shot in the walled city of Lahore. Bhai is a very strong character play for which Nauman Ijaz put on some weight to get into character. Romance, gilts, brotherhood and different emotions appear in this drama. It’s a very different story written by Afifa Mahmood and directed by Shoaib Khan and its cast includes Salman Shahid, Affan Waheed, Maha Warsi, Seemi Raheel, Adnan Shah Tipu, Zoya Malik, Saboor Ali.



  • Salman Shahid
  • Affan Waheed
  • Maha Warsi
  • Seemi Raheel
  • Adnan Shah Tipu
  • Zoya Malik,
  • Saboor Ali.

Writer:   Afifa Mahmood

Director: Shoib Khan

Production: A-Plus

Bhai Review:

In Bhai, Nauman played a different roll which has very dominating household, takes all decisions of sisters whether these decisions are favorable or not. Bhai (Nauman Ijaz) is a negative roll who is insensitive to injustice. He falls in love with very gorgeous TV star Ifra (Maha Warsi). When his family takes his proposal to her house for her hand in marriage then her family prefer proposal of his younger brother Hammad (Affan Waheed) because he is educated, urbane and cultured which ensues in love/hate relationship between two brothers. Hammad married to Ifra and makes a good chemistry between.

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Now Asraf hates his brother for his married life with Ifra. Hammad went to his brother Ashraf to say sorry and to make things better for his family which was suffering because of his rude behavior and the very next day Hammad was going for his training out of city, but Ashraf don’t understand Hammad’s compassion and in annoyance mistakenly pushed Affan from 2nd floor and this love/hate relationship end’s with Hammad’s (younger brother) accidental death. Ifra character suspects Ashraf as murdering culprit of her husband. The death of Hammad transforms the whole personality of Ashraf into sensitive, positive and a gentleman with a feeling of regret. Only Ashraf’s father knows that he didn’t kill Hammad because that was an accident and he didn’t mean to kill his brother. He tried to explain this situation to Hammad’s father-in-law but he didn’t understand and think that he is trying to secure his son. Parents of Ashraf and hammad are in grief because of their lose but they couldn’t see Ashraf in this situation also because this time he is innocent, so his father hire lawyer for him but don’t go to meet Ashraf even once. Ifra’s father had suffered from heart attack and he was out of country which disturbed ifra more. She is at home because of bed rest and her mother went out of country to her father. Ifra’s father-in-law takes responsibility of her in absence of her parents. Shibli named don threaten Ashraf that he will do something bad to ifra because she is alone at home and then Ashraf called Ifra to tell her all this but she didn’t listen to him.


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  • Bhai drama amazing hai kamal hai is main mujhe ifra i mean MAHA Warsi bhut he pasand i hain i very very very like MHA Warsi

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