Besharam Episode 6 on Ary Digital in HD 14th June 2016

Besharam Episode 6 – Get all latest episodes of Pakistani Drama serial Besharam online here. 14th June 2016 is the Premiered date of Besharam Episode 6. Watch latest Besharam Episode 6 full in HD quality here. The story of this drama based on social issues of glamour industry. Watch latest episode 6 full in HD quality here.

This drama is aired on ARY Digital which is famous to see good quality dramas, strong scripts and heart touching Stories. It is one of the Best Production of Six sigma Plus. Saba Qamar is leading role of this drama serial.

Besharam Episode 6

Besharam Episode 6 Full in HD:

In the previous Episode 5 we saw that Saba Qamar ( Mishhal) and Zahid Ahmad (Haider Bakht) gets married to each other in accepting a challenge. When Mishalle comes to Haider house, her mother Khadija don’t accept their marriage and ordered him to leave Mishall.

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In the Episode 6 we sees that After spending one night on Haider house, her mother tells to Mishal to leave the life of his son, Haider. When Haider is going to drop Mishall to her home, Media comes and starts questioning to Mishall about her personal life. So, Haider takes her home back.

On the other side, Haider’s uncle black male them about Humna and Qadeer engagement. He tells them that if Haider will not leave this model, they will finish this engagement. Haider tells them that he will not leave her. Now, Humna and Khadija is so upset about engagement.

What will be next? Will Haider leave Mishall on the pressure of his family? Will Qadeer take stand to save his engagement or finish it? These are the question in everyone mind.


If you want to know that what will be the next in Besharam, then keep watching Pakistani Drama Serial Besharam every Tuesday at 10:00PM. If any case you have missed any episode of Besharam don’t worry about that you can watch all episodes of Besharam online here.

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