Be Aib Drama Review–Cast name–Promos–OST & Timing on Urdu1

Be Aib is new Pakistani Drama serial which is aired our favorite channel Urdu1. Be Aib is started from 4th of August 2016 on Pakistani channel.  This is pure Pakistani drama which is based on 3 families. You can read full story of this drama serial in Review category. These all families belong from one family. The whole drama describes the rich and greedy also called elite class people’s story. It is beautifully directed by Ali Hassan and produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi. It is the story of Qaisara Hayat.

Be Aib whole drama serial revolves around the Sadaf who is the mother of Tooba who is doing the leading role in this Pakistani drama serial. Sadaf is a modern woman who always wants each and every thing hundred percent perfect around her. This drama serial have three families one is Sadaf family, the second is Shahana Family and third one is Safi family. The Sadaf and Shana are the sisters of Safi. The sisters are very rich and brother belongs to a middle class family.

Be Aib Review


  • Samina Peerzada
  • Alishba Yusuf
  • Noor Hassan
  • Shehryar Zaidi
  • Mariam Ansari
  • Imran Aslam
  • Ismat Zaidi

Director: Ali Hassan

Producer: Fahad Mustafa & Dr. Ali Kazmi

Writer: Qaisara Hayat

Production: BIGBANG Entertainment

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Be Aib Drama OST:

In Be Aib drama serial Pakistani leading actresses and actors are doing very great acting. Noor Hassan is playing the role of Taimur the son of Shahana. Samina Peerzada is doing the role of Sadaf who is married woman with Shehryar Zaidi. Alishba Yusuf is playing the leading role as Tooba and she is daughter of Sadaf and cousin of Taimur also fiancé of him. Ismat Zaidi is playing the role of Shahana who is the elder sister of Sadaf and mother of Taimur. Mariam Ansari is playing the role of Anaya and Imran Aslam is playing the role of Ahmed and these two are children of Safi.

Be Aib Drama Teaser 1:

Be Aib Drama Teaser 2:

Be Aib Drama Teaser 3:

Be Aib Drama Teaser 4:

Be Aib drama starts from the meeting of two sisters Sadaf and Shahana on Shahana home because they bought a new home. They are also rich people and their children Alishba and Taimur love each other from the childhood. Sadaf is a modern woman who always does wrong things with normal peoples. She hates poor people because she did not like their poverty. While on the other hand Shahana is a kind hearted woman who always loves with poor also loves with her younger brother Safi and his family. She always supports her brother.

In Bay Aib drama serial Anaya is the daughter of Safi and have a black mark on her face that’s why Sadaf did not like her and Ahmed is the son of Safi and who loves internally with Alishba and did not told her because she loves with Taimur. Twist came at that time when they all are doing the preparation of the weeding of Alishba and Taimur and Taimur had a bad accident in which he lost his leg. And after some time Sadaf denied to give him her daughter. She wants a perfect man for her daughter.

Taimur was married with Anaya and Taimur only loves with Alishba. He did not give his live to Anaya but at the end he also admires the love of Anaya. Sadaf ruined her daughter life in search of perfection. After so many times she feels that she is doing wrong with her daughter life. She feels that only God is Be Aib. No one is Be Aib in this world but Allah.


Watch Pakistani Drama Be Aib on every Thursday at 8:00PM only on your Pakistani favorite channel Urdu1. If you have missed any episode of this drama serial you can watch here and also read the full story of episode.

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