Babul Ka Angna Cast Names, Crew, Production, Review

In this Pakistani Drama Serial Babul Ka Angna Mohsin Gillani performing the role of Danish, Saleem Shaikh performs as Azeem, Hibba Aziz performs as raima, Maham Amir performing as Mehwish, Shan Baig performing as Faisal and others popular actor are playing their role to entertain the viewers. In Babul ka Angna all the Super Stars casting in this Pakistani Drama Serial, Babul Ka Angna is very hard working and professional in their field and you will observe the hardworking of the Super Stars throughout the Serial Babul Ka Angna.

babul ka angna review


  • Saleem Shaikh
  • Maham Amir
  • Mohsin Gillani
  • Ghazala Butt
  • Sambul Shahid
  • Sofia Ahmed
  • Shan Baig
  • Ikram Abasi
  • Aruba mirza
  • Hibba Aziz
  • Sajid Shah
  • Sami Sani
  • Farzana Thaeem
  • Majida Hameed
  • Saba Khan
  • Anas Yasin
  • Nida kanwal
  • Ahsan Shah
  • Humera Arif
  • Asiya Naz

Written by: Muhammad Asif

Directed by: Tehseen khan

Babul ka Angna Short Story:

In this Pakistani Drama Serial Babul Ka Angna the writter Muhammad Asif trying to show the two typical concepts of Pakistani culture. The writter trying to show to their viewers that how the typical concept is dilapidated the families of Pakistan, and also give a lesson that if we change these typical concepts our life will be imperturbable.

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The first typical concept of Pakistani society which is shown in this Pakistani Drama Serial Babul Ka Angna is about the education in Pakistan, it has further two perspective the first one is study of boys, some families which have stalled business like departmental store or their other business thought that there is no need to their child to study more than matriculam instead if the child himself is interested in studies or not in the business, the family have set their mind that their child will look after their business when they are able to make calculation weather the child is interested or not they have to look after the business, on the other hand the education of the girls in Pakistan is also a very big issue, girls are treated as fagot on parents.

In most of the families in Pakistan girls will be married by their Guidant without completing their aims in education. In this Pakistani Drama Serial Babul Ka Angna the Mehwish’s father Danish is trying to give full chance to Mehwish to complete her educational aims and also shown that what difficulties are faced to complete the education of Mehwish, all from Mehwish family her sister, mother, uncle and aunt are against the education of Mehwish.

The second perspective of this Pakistani Drama Serial Babul Ka Angna shows a little family of Azeem with two children a boy and a girl and his wife was passed away. In this Pakistani Drama Serial Babul Ka Angna the Azeem’s daughter is very conscious about her father, brother and also the activities of their servant’s especially Perveen. Parveen is also looked in unusual activities with Azzem some time she advise Azeem to get married again through his second marriage the children get their mother love and environment of the house become peaceful. Perveen introduce her niece Aliya to Azeem for his second marriage.

Is Danish is succeed to complete the education of Mehwish, is Perveen is succeed in her aims or not what will be the reaction of Rima Azeem’s daughter when she comes to know that her father is going to get married with Aliya? All the suspense will be finished when you watch this Pakistani Drama Serial Babul Ka Angna.


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